Friday, January 3, 2014


Ok so get this....

I am 2% funded!

You guys are great!

Michele McDanel

Pierre Barrera

Raquel Tompson

I am touched by the number of folks who have shared the page too!

So..I did hit the gym last night....guess what I had to do? drills.


I'll get there, but I am trying to do that foot work drill stuff to get smooth and it is making me wish I had been in a dance class once in my life. Well...I have done a dance class or two...but dang I feel clumsy. 

Stone throwing drill type stuff too with a medicine ball...changed up my feet a bunch..  Interesting.  The proof will be in the pudding, when I have to throw a stone!
I have heard a rumor that practice is going UP this weekend...WOB & Sheaf.

oh boy.

Best news?  my shoulder doesn't hurt after the hammer winds or the stone drills....


Thanks again to my 2% . You guys rock.

Get me to Scotland

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