Monday, January 6, 2014


Pierre Barrera
Matthew D Scarborough
Travis Hudson
Cody Hanson
Raquel Thompson
Michele D'Amour McDanel
Gilbert Quintana
Nikki Malec
Andrew Fisher
Marcial Marz Rodriguez
Grace Grant
Chris Grant
Kim & Mark Martinez 

 Anonymous !
Thomas R. Campbell
Roberto Torres
Anonymous !!
Cory Black
Kerry Beinlich 

Ok..all I have left to say is holy moly.

When the first person put me up to this...the Indiegogo thing...I was very...hmmmm....wary of the whole thing.  I mean, I know I have made myself public by writing on this blog, but I also know a BUNCH of folks also going to Scotland and it felt odd to put this out there. I know it is a stretch for almost everyone going.  Heather sorta insisted and came up with great ideas as well as enlisting her husband for artwork.  I have also had some technical support from Lisa Bradley and Pierre.  He had some great ideas for tweaks that other people have really liked.   

I am at 26%...that is in less than a week...I am thinking maybe, just maybe that with all of your help, that this can actually work.  

I am sorta left speechless as I think of this...and all of you...Including people...that I don't even know.

All I have left to do? Hit the gym today so I can make y'all proud.



  1. This post made my day, because you deserve it.

    1. You are sweet! Great to see you in the gym the other day...hope you are feeling better and better.