Monday, January 13, 2014

Choosing overwhelmed

Allison Moore
A "Schaum"~who did not fully identify themselves!
And The "woollvenator"

Cheryl Westphal Smith
Faith Applewhite
Alaina Warren Zachary
And another anonymous,
Skip Rapoport
Kate Kita & Trent Botkin
Pattie Ravenheart

Overwhelmed by the kindness & support. The kindness of the people I know...

I had a really tough week last week...but what keeps me going are the people who have allowed me into their lives. I don't profess to know everyone that I know in the same way...god knows that's impossible, but each person I am blessed to have in my life in either a gigantic or an occasional or casual way bring light to me.  Through this rough time I am being held up in ways I did not even know were possible. 

I am also learning that I can ask for know like a spotter at the gym.

Speaking of...

Bench Press and Back Squat Day at lunchtime. 

5X3 it didn't hurt.
         Squat  at 265  felt way too heavy!

I still need to tell the caber story....but I am still not quite ready yet.

And I missed a workout on Friday....I was sure that I would get hurt...but I also found a new place to live....

I also missed throwing on Sunday~against not only my better judgement but the order of my physical therapist...but I got to crazy up my daughter's hair which was, frankly, more fun than breathing.

So while it feels sorta easy to say I am overwhelmed..I am gonna choose to see all the ways in which I am overwhelmed by my my the the divine in all the people who see me, big or small pieces of me and don't turn learning to really look in the face of fear and find my strength.

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