Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shoulders...big ones.

Well, I am about a month out from my injury...I promised not to get frustrated....I promised.....

I got a little frustrated.

I went to help WestSide power gym move...just for a little bit, knowing I am not very helpful...well, all I did was move some ez-curl bars.  And.....that did me in. Was in pain the rest of the weekend.

This is gonna be a long road.

I got back to the gym Monday...rode a bike...did some back squats.  BJ lent me a strap.  It was so weird to use a strap on one side.  Felt ok at lighter weights...but I hit 235 and that was it for me.

But, I hit 235, so that's ok...I haven't had much weight on my back in a month so it felt super heavy.

Dunno what else to say....I'll be judging at the next two games here in New Mexico.

Bernalillo on September 10th...
Aztec on October 1...

Hoping to get some more folks out for Bernalillo....gonna be super low key..more like a backyard game.  No festival....the city is sorta checking us out to see if they wanna support something bigger for next year.

So come throw and come watch...Help get this off the ground.

Have you ever heard someone say, " they know me better than I know myself?"  I was thinking about that phrase recently, thinking about writing about Grant....then I realized that for me...that phrase isn't true.  He doesn't know me better than I know me....that implies he somehow had control of my brain, my thoughts, my heart, my fears, my insecurities. What I decided...Grant listens to me, whether my verbal ramblings or my physical cues, in a way that I have never experienced before with an intimate partner....He just takes it in and will turn around and tell me what he sees and ask me if that's what is going on...never "using it" to make me small, never turning it against me, or ......

He doesn't "know me better than I know me," he wants to know me.  All of it, without judgement.

If that isn't extraordinary, if he isn't extraordinary.....not sure I know what is.

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