Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Head Games

Went for a walk this morning...and I went to the gym today.

Wicked workout.

Lots of shoulder mobility....then I tested out squats....not a great position for the shoulder yet.  I am gonna be loving me the safety bar at WestSide...Did the pause flies with 1 kilo plates and the pause bench press with a 45 pound bar and a spotter too. Thanks Tom!!

I am not hurting and I am not frustrated.

I will probably make fun of myself a bit, because that is just what I do.

Soooooooo the last time I worked with Paul, I meant to tell you all about what he did to fix my shoulder.... he adjusted my skull.

no...not that one...

This one:

See....the skull is not a single unit...feels like it is, but it isn't.  Anyhooooo, we started chatting about the Highland games and Paul made a joke about how the games must have been in the 70's.  He imagined someone strapping cabers to the top of a Ford LTD.  I laughed and said, 'that's the car that hit me when I was a kid."

Huh?  Did I know that?

Um, maybe, I thought I told you.

I don't think so.

Wanna feel the indent in my head?

What?  Yes....( he does)  Get on the table...


This is a missing piece.

He then starts to work my skull...he has me do this weird movement to keep me connected, I think... and damn if I don't feel crap shift.  I don't know what...but I feel....weird.  Weird and woozy and my vision was off too.  But my neck? Um...didn't hurt.

Hasn't felt this good in a long I am not really even aware of it as often.

Sometimes being pain free for a while is a little scary..I am not sure why...but it is.  Perhaps it is just such an unfamiliar feeling?

He finished up with my head and said, "well, I had fun twisting your brain."  Then he threw balls at me.  HA.

I know it isn't magic and I also know I have to be willing to put the work in to have changes happen.  Same deal with rehab...nothing magic is gonna happen....but as it works it starts to feel like magic. Same with the PTSD work....same with every single relationship I have...gotta put the work in to feel the magic.

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