Monday, August 15, 2016

Shoulder updates


I bet you are all waiting anxiously to hear about my latest injury, right?



Not really a big deal here.  I threw myself a little pity party (Bailey was there) the first day or so, then I realized just how stupid I was being.  I am getting help...and it could have been worse....Hell, I have had worse...just not in my shoulder.  Here is what I have been told. 

Every thing in this photo is broken.


Ok...that cleared things up for me.

Most importantly, it wasn't a single catastrophic event.  Just wear and tears from over use AND everything being 'pulled forward.'

I guess the main issue is I am in crappy positions when I do things....and I was in crappy positions because my body was protecting itself from pain (how funny is that.)  Soooooo as far as I understand things....there are tears, diagnosed by symptoms, but they were made much worse because my muscles along the front of my shoulder were "shortening", which essentially pulled my shoulder out of joint.


I am getting work done along my rib cage too because it is all jacked up as well....and pulling the shoulder out as well. Silly ribs.

It will be months of rehab. 

But on the upside, I can move my shoulder in most directions. I can even wash my hair without too much weirdness.  I cannot, however, pull a towel around myself to dry off.  I also still have stabbing pain at times...sometimes doing something I just did with no pain...annoying; but as Paul said to me, tissues heal...IF you let them heal.

And it aches.

The trickiest piece in healing an injury like this is that there isn't much blood flow to tendons and cuffs and that's part of why it takes so much time.

But I have been ordered back to they gym I shall go. 

No big weights for today, just lots and lots 'opening' work.

I was shooting for Pleasanton this year, which I have already cancelled, but I will be missing Bernalillo and Aztec as well...I'll be judging instead. 

I shared with Grant this weekend that hurting my shoulder made me miss throwing in a way I had not yet missed it.  See, I am really really REALLY good at compartmentalizing...really good.  When I had to "put it on the shelf" this year for a variety of reasons...I really put it away.  Just as I was starting to pull toward the work of throwing, I got hurt.  In that moment or two when I thought I wouldn't be able to throw again..I wanted to throw again.  My passion flew out of the little box that I had tried to contain it in.

All my tiny boxes got shaken.....

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  1. "Everything in this box is broken". Funny. Made me gasp then chuckle.