Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tucson and hopefully more.

Still homeless.
Still throwing.
Disappointing numbers.
Lessons from the big caber.

Was in Tucson this past weekend, it is the third time at these games for me.  Both Heather and I were throwing well short of what we threw the prior weekend in Texas...I was down 10 feet on hammers...5 feet on WFD.  I threw Open.  Not sure I'll do that again at these games.  I had some point to throwing open~ I wanted to prove to myself...some numbers game...some "boosting" of my ranking in NASGA. 

Yeah Ego crap.

And bit me. Not just for physical reasons...but you know...for those of you who read this blog...all the other stuff too. 

I threw ok with all of that settling in my bones....and my bones being tired.  But you are games...they are fun...who the Hell cares where I finish at the end of the year.  Or at least I shouldn't by this point.  The last games of the season should be even more fun.  I am surrounded by the greatest people. 

Lisa Bradley had dubbed this the International Year of Mona but it quickly became "The Year that could have broken me completely".  I chose to say yes to the gifts that were presented, to the people who actually dig me for me, so it didn't break me, not even close.

There have been crappy details and lawyers and meetings and painful words and more painful decisions and more crappy details to deal with and I have been missing the gym. GRRR.

The fun news on the day I left for the games.  I got accepted to the Arnold.

Ok it's the first time they have had a full blown all classes sort of games at this thing!  And I got in.


I looked at the list...some AMAZE BALLS throwers in the Women's Master's Class...Many I don't know.  I decided it will be my first game of the 2014 season.  I also decided I will have to go to fewer games, both for physical reasons and financial reasons especially if I think I can go to Scotland this year.  

Got a lot to do...mainly rest and repair. Then, I am focusing on a little conditioning...yeah  back to CrossFit for a while. I also have to get on the fundraising thing and get some airline tickets for the big trip. I have my site started but I am waiting to finish up a video.  Then I'll bug BJ...and I'll watch the new Pockoski video I bought.  There is a beautiful thrower in AZ.....Jackie....she and I decided we are gonna get and stay on each others asses about this new training video and about training in general.

OH the caber....HA.  At the end of the games, after some free corn dogs (ew) and a couple of beers, I managed to sweet talk the AD into letting me try the men's caber.  16'6" 90+ pounds.  I just wanted to see if I could pick it.  You know what? I did.  A clean fast pick...I even walked with it...Richard gave me a 20 degree turn on it! HA...

Lesson....stop freaking thinking so body knew what to do...I didn't get in the the training.

Funny thing?  In competition, I dropped the women's caber....yeah...over thinking ego crap....blah blah blah.

Two other little bits of information:

Need a new kilt. Mine looks like crap and the seams are frayed.

Back on the whole 30, but it's a whole 25 or something.  Going 'til thanksgiving.

I'll let you know if I ever get back to the gym....

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