Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Geez....I don't write any more do I?

So the last time I wrote I was musing about how I was gonna get to the gym, guess what? I never did.....not the whole week. I did however start the Whole "until Thanksgiving."

I went to the gym Monday....I just kinda wandered around the gym, looking for my equipment, watching my daughter lift...oh, I did jump rope, row, light back squats, and some stone drills.  I just like being there...and I am finally ok with taking longer breaks from working out.  My shoulder feels better, so why would I jack that up again.  True, I have a competition in March...but um that is in MARCH. 

I am under a bit of pressure and I did want to dial in my eating a bit.

So, I am really trying to back off....of myself.

I am working on an Indigogo thing for my Scotland trip and I am finding it very difficult to write about myself in a way that is "self promoting." Especially now....Not easy for me. I am getting help from Grace...I am very grateful.

As for the food?

I am a pig.  I mean really.  I can't stop eating.  It has started to ease up a bit and I have found that I love finding all sorts of ways to shove veggies into a meal. 

The big thing though after 8 days?  My fingers.

Yeah fingers.  I have this mild swelling all the time in my hands and fingers that slowly creeps in and that I really hardly notice.  And no, it isn't wheat.  I really have never added wheat back in the diet.  I suspect sugar.

So it is nice to see my hands again.

Seems to be a theme in my life right now....saying hello to all sorts of pieces of me that I forgot 

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