Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A couple of little roses....

Soooooo, I posted this meme this morning on my Facebook page....

Been having a really tough time getting to the gym. I could list the excuses right now, but really they are just excuses.

I decided to try noon least on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Vivi is not at the gym. (Or supposed to be at the gym.)  I get into Zia and guess who is there?  The Doctor!  wheeee....she is moving to Minnesota...tomorrow.  I have not seen her in at least six weeks and I haven't been to a noon class in months...what are the odds.

I'm all shades of thrilled.

I see the board and the euphoria I was feeling at seeing Sarah fades.

5x5 Push presses

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats.
5 rounds

then 3x10
Weighted sit ups.

Really?  well hell....

The warm up was fun...Planks, Rowing, jumping, Step Ups, T-Push ups....of course BJ saw my post this morning and was teasing me...I deserved it...outta shape heavy athlete that I am.  Sarah said she'd stick with me on the workout...I was guessing it would take me 20 minutes.  Not really, maybe 15.  Looked a the board, lots of people did it in 3 or 4 minutes. HA!!!!

I lifted with Sheila...crazy strong lady~thank you... we settled on 95.  BJ came over and told me I was cheating by actually doing a jerk.  Ooops...didn't mean to. He helped me correct it so I finished by not cheating.

Then we set up for the work out.  Sarah did keep pace with me, crazy lady....I know she could have done it in half the time I did.  I am gonna miss her....

Pull ups...don't get excited, I did them with a thick band (it was too easy, I'll go down a band next time).
Push ups...don't get excited, knees.
Squats.....well, they we squats.

I was joking with Beth that I was only gonna do three rounds...I got a solid scolding.  I did finish in 7 ish minutes.  I was complaining by the end of the sit ups that I thought my eye was going to pop out, or that I might burst an ovary. I am sure no one has missed my ridiculous behavior in the noon classes.  I feel kinda shaky and yes I checked my pulse.  I did remind myself that I used to work out at noon A LOT and I used to always feel like this..and it feels....good.  I am going to remember to make this....scratch make me a priority.  I have let this piece of my fitness slip and I know I will feel better getting a little more "conditioning" under my belt again.  I mean, I am not gonna lie....I would rather lift all the time, but I also know that this is really what my body and my training needs. At least for a few weeks.....

Remember my rose?

Well, a quick reminder...I got this rose from a woman I know from Zia, Megan.  She gave it to me in the parking lot of Trader Joe's shortly after the very dark night that I had last month.  All I said to her was I have had the worst week of my life and she handed me this rose.  I took this picture about 3 weeks after she handed it to me.  Yup...3 weeks.  This flower....magic.  It began to sprout all along the stem...little, beautiful, green leaves.  Shortly after I took this photo...the little stems dried up and the rose drooped just a little.  I pulled it out of the water and thought, "how do I keep you alive?  You are my magic rose.  I can't let you go." I smelled it and decided it wasn't the rose, it was the kindness, the love behind it.  I placed the magic rose in the trash and let it go.  It had more than served its purpose.


All of these in the midst of all of this pain and confusion.

A lovely reminder too, that nothing lasts.  Good or bad, joy or pain....they all end, they are all part of a whole, and perhaps they all serve their purpose as well.