Monday, October 28, 2013

Texas round up.

A Texas list:

1300 miles in 2 days.

One PR

One tied PR

Almost took out a teammate while practicing stone. Sorry Shannon.

Smashed the fingers of a thrower that I admire beyond words.  Sorry Heather.

Felt awkward to be at these games, felt more awkward to leave.

Found support in a surprising and lovely place.  Thanks Sarah.

Had a great time using Vivi to stretch out my hamstrings.

Ate too much bread.  WHY DID I EAT THE BUN?

Got to see my friend Rocky for a short bit.

The trip didn't feel nearly as long as it really was....I never went loopy either there or back.

Our team took second...but I bet we had more fun than anyone else.  Well, I know I was a bit of a Debbie Downer when we started, but I loosened up eventually.

Finished in the top 6 for at least 5 events.

Big shocker?  Looked on NASGA this morning.....managed to finish 4th over all.  Really?  Cool.  Like you just don't know how cool that is in this group of women. 


Eh?  gotta reboot stones,  I threw these same exact stones in February...5 FEET further. I think I have tried to listen to what everyone is telling me to do on nothing works any more.

Another?  days just keep marching will not be the same, nor will I feel the same....but...I also get to feel what I'm feeling.

Another?  I think I am gonna take a bigger chunk of time off than I had originally planned. 

Another?  God~I love meeting and watching and throwing with people I have just well as watching those who are new....and watching those who I have LOVED to watch since I started this sport.

I had something else planned for this morning's Blog....more details on each event...but....well...this is what I got this morning.  (thanks Larry Ventress!)

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