Friday, November 22, 2013

little updates

ok, don't freak out...

I have done Crossfit 3 whole days in a row. 

Yes yes you read that right...3 whole days.

Ok...Wednesday, I bought Vivi to her lifting's earlier than the Crossfit classes, but I am reeeeaaalllly trying to commit to doing this.  So...I warm up...I look at the board and wonder how the hell I am going to motivate myself. 

7X2 Snatches


10 minute AMRAP
 5 Hang Power Clean & Push Press @ 95/65
 5 Knees to elbows
20 Double Unders...(double the singles for me)

UGH shoulder is still not feeling it. 

Then guess who walks in the gym?  None other than Mr. I suck at Crossfit, Marz.

Oh...I roped him into doing the workout with me.  Yippie.  Marz is nursing a knee injury...I have a shoulder injury....we were thinking Marz should get on my shoulders, I'll do the squat if Marz gets the bar over head.

We did the workout together....I was grateful to have Marz kicking my ass. It wasn't too horrible, my shoulder held up during the snatches. Well, I only used the bar.  It held up during the push presses too...I even used 65 pounds. Of course, what happens when BJ comes in?  He sees both my name and Marz's name on the board...and he accuses the two of us of just putting our names on the board.  There is no proof after all, since he didn't see us do the work. 

Sigh...I love know in that way you love someone who kicks your ass and pushes your buttons.

And Vivi? She is snatching 15 kilos now...that's about the same weight I used. It's a pr for her...and she pr'd on her deadlift that night too.  She's all sorts of beautiful.

So...I go last night too....I was sore..and I look at the board....

Tabata Barbell @ 45/35
Back Squats
Push Jerk
Front Squats


Oh..I get it.

I don't think I can do this.  Really.  I don't.  I spoke with a friend yesterday about the losses both she and I are experiencing right now...she was saying how she is crying a bunch right now. I, on the other hand, am feeling...very...controlled.  Yesterday was a crazy challenging day and I swear I could feel the pressure under my a crappy old pressure cooker...but I stuffed it down to a tiny black rock that I will feed booze and crappy food that will turn into an ulcer later.


But...I did the warm up...then we started the work out...knowing the whole Tabata thing well...I pace myself.  I am slow and heavy and breathing hard and it feels like everyone else is breezing through this thing, which of course SHOULD NOT MATTER.  I am back at the Crossfit deal, it is actually just about me, about my workout. I could feel some emotional crap starting to surface so I beat that  down....I know, I know, I might need to just let that fly. Not last night...not at Zia.

Heart beating fast....remembering that is how I am supposed to feel..trusting the pulse will come down...I was shaky, sweaty, kinda icky.  But, I let myself recover buy jumping on the rower...that's weird, but it helped.

3 days in a row of Crossfit...that's good for me.  I made the mistake of looking at the Zia page for today's workout.  Sigh...I need some help to make this 4 in a row.  You know why? Because I feel good..well at least physically...and Hell I guess other stuff too.  I don't feel like a too hot pressure cooker today. I am all "good" sore, you know, I am having trouble getting out of my office chair sort of sore. 


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  1. 4 days in a row! That's awesome.

    Glad I'm not the only one who's emotional junk comes out during a physical thrashing. I'm sure I seem like a hypersynsitive grumpy butt during and after CF workouts. lol. Zia loves us anyways. Gotta love 'em!