Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little repost

Oh, I miss dead lifts.  Not really the point of this re~post, but I do miss them. Not sure I could do them right now with the slightly less jacked shoulder, but I do miss them...

I get the point...I hear it loud and clear these days...the only thing I don't like is the idea that people have to take part in what you do in order to be supportive.  I happen to have wildly supportive folks around me who don't do anything I do.  But but but....I do know the pain of having someone belittle what I am doing.  Taken me a while to see that it really has nothing to do with me.  It can be excruciating to say goodbye to people, even when they are hurting you.  Funny to me that I can feel pain for something that no longer works....and in some cases, the people I have culled from my herd, don't even know they have been culled.  Makes that pretty clear they were not really friends in the first place huh? 

Maybe that isn't true...they were friends, but sometimes relationships serve a short term purpose.  Better to honor what once was and let it go, than expect anything to last forever.

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