Monday, April 18, 2016

one brick at a time....

I've been a little frustrated.  I set some goals for myself...regarding my weight and it goes up and down and up and down...then I came across this....

One at a time

 "The solution is fairly simple: choose the main thing you want to achieve, and then scale back the rest. For example, if you like to compete in bike races, triathlons, or any other competitive activity, that should be your main focus. Everything else should complement that goal, not take away from it."

Yeah...duh....We want it all don't we.  I chatted with BJ after my initial recovery program about how I felt weak. Then as I was losing focus...when he tricked me to work out at Praxis for a week(which has turned into 6 ).. I was REALLY whining about how weak I feel...

So guess what...I am on a strength, gaining what I asked for.  Some of this is about limited time too....I am lucky to get an hour to workout, maybe 5 days a week.

1 hour....

60 minutes.


Guess what?

I actually DO feel strong again. and....I fucking LIKE there it is.

In a couple weeks we will sit down and chat again about what to focus on...I have an idea...but seriously, I can't take off 50 pounds while trying to add 50 pounds to my freaking squat.  Someone out there probably can...but I can't.

Had a great appointment with my doc last week too....Let's face it...I am chubby right now... she asked me what was going on.  I said, "I'm Fat.'

Doc: Well, what's going on? what are your stresses?
Me:  Um....lots...( I share)
Doc:  I'm not worried then, I mean, I worry about your stress, but your weight and your blood pressure? They will come down.  You still working out?
Me:  Yea.
Doc: Listen, there are two basic types. One person loses weight under stress, others; like you, gain are a survivor.  Your body is holding on to everything in case it needs it later.
Me:  *breathes deeply*
Doc:  We'll keep an eye, but don't worry.

All this from a western med doc.

And you know what...a weight (not my chub) was lifted from my shoulders.

Funny I got both of these messages in the same week.

See this?  It's 300 pounds and I made friends with it today.

1x5 45
1x5 135
1x3 185
1x3 225
1x2 275

These were all light and speedy.



I have been OBSESSING over this workout for a week..a week. I walked into the gym scared.



I had to talk myself under the bar.  I was afraid it was gonna be one of those that just tore my spine.  I got under's heavy, but not horrid.  First rep...felt good. Heavy, but speedy. but then I had 2 more reps.  Ha.

I got through them all...the last rep of the last set was tough....but I didn't even wet my pants...nor did I cry.

Next week is 2x2 at my old one rep....I am hopeful, that if I prep well and sleep well and eat well; that a new one rep (post surgery) is possible.  I know 350 will be an elusive beast....but 330....sems possible now.

I love my gym and I like feeling strong again. 

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  1. That's some serious reps with some serious strength! I love your Dr. I want to go to him.