Tuesday, April 26, 2016

count down

Yesterday was my 2x2 at 315

Not bad. Gary said my second rep was sloppy.....chest came forward, but even Gary said the first rep looked good.

It even felt speedy to me.


Next week....I shall try for 330, which will be a 5% increase.  If it feels good...who knows.

As for today...I could not finish the entire workout.  One of those, "why the Hell did I get a heavier one rep max on that push press" I am STRUGGLING with the 5 rep at 80%.  It was better than last week...but I haven't finished it yet.

Drove back to work with my hands on the bottom part of the steering wheel.

I am trying to remember how to study again too.

I have 500+ pages of financial rules and regs and formulas to learn.  I read through the whole dang book...took some practice tests...and now I am going back through again and taking notes and testing more frequently.

So much harder to study as an adult.

Oh well.

I thought it was so much harder to get fit in my forties too and look where THAT has taken me...

And to those of you who still read this...thank you.  Thank you for sticking with me.

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