Tuesday, October 20, 2015

details, details

My new programming started on Monday....

With something I have done before...  The BJ Monger Crying Circuit

Back Squat
Bench Press
Pull ups
Glute-Ham raise
Shoulder press
Chin Ups
 Front Squats
Barbell Curls

sets of through it twice....80 seconds for each exercise....

Hard to deal with this clock thing with out a coach yelling, but I came pretty close.

It's a burner....stayed super light...also I can't really Pull up or chin up or Glute-Ham raise, but I have my modifications.  This will be in my programming twice a week for 6 weeks....

AHHHHHHH......He will of course be adding weight and reps too...

And guess what, I went to the gym today too! Two days in a row...and surprise surprise it started know....both rain and me working out consistently have been rare lately.  

I loved loved loved the workout today.

I cannot really describe it.

One of BJ and Gary's goals for me is to see what is up with my clean...Well, we all sorta form sucks and I am afraid to get under the bar. I have had a front squat of 280...I can't clean more than's a power clean at that...


So...the work....all this tiny detailed bar path movement....hip movement....where are your shoulders.....details details details....WHEEEEE

Amazing how the bar can completely gas you.  Lots of it is all the mental focus too...

WHERE IS MY know that sort of stuff.

Best part....BJ was free and he was watching me....and coaching.  Sigh.

I am sorta hoping I get this detail in my programming once a week....My plan is to hit Praxis on Tuesdays at noon during the first 6 weeks of this off season thinggy...soak up the people...soak up the coaching....remember what I love about being at the gym.

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  1. There's nothing more fun or exciting than a new program. New progress. New soreness. New dreams. Love it