Friday, October 16, 2015


Box squats....2x10

Sumo deads with chains  1x10

back extensions  3x15

planks  3 times both at 1 minute!  I did a full minute each time!

Wednesday....I can't remember what I!


Confession time.

I am having a hard time getting to the gym...some of it truly was the travel....but...something happened at 5:30 Wednesday morning that made me realize

I hate my gym.

Not really the gym's fault or the people who go there...I think most people work out like the folks at this gym. I don't.  The only reason I actually stuck with a work out program when I started was the community.  The feeling like it was ok to be a disaster because the trainers made adjustments...I learned~I grew....I out grew the first gym, yet I found another community to work out with.  Even though I often was working a the rack....I was still a part of something....working yes for my own health, but I don't know how to explain it, but also working for the health of the gym too? Or each other?  I don't know...


A guy walks in, both Grant and I look up and say ya doing....we get a grunt....

oh right... ok.  I forgot, I am not at Praxis.  Sorry!

I get of the guys that comes early in the morning does talk to us, but for the most part...there is no support, no asking, "can you watch this squat, see if I'm cracking 90." Nope, head phones on....lots of hard work...I get it.  I really do. Everyone needs different stuff.  I guess I am WAY social when it comes to the gym.  I miss the camaraderie....I miss the coaching too.

Maybe I don't hate my gym....maybe I hate the fact that I can't workout like most people do...that I am needy..Somebody please check my form!...oh well...

Part of what bugged me about the grunt reply on Wednesday was when his lifting buddy showed up...he yelled at him.....when we left...there were two sheriff's cars in the lot, the only other cars there beside us....ok~I know this will age me, but what the hell ever happened to "Officer Friendly?"  Anyone else remember that program?

I have a soft spot for dad was a Chicago cop....and we had Officer Friendly at school.....These guys would never have been looked at for THAT program! Not unless Officer friendly is covered in Axe Body Spray and care not a whit that when you are seen in your cruiser; like it or not, you represent your department! 

oh well...I am rambling.....

Still on my 21 day hoo ha....doing well....I have lost a little weight, but I have lost bloat...big shocker there....gotta keep up with this..I feel better...again...big shocker...

Oh well...I will try to get to the gym tomorrow morning too...get back on track, because I do know that it really doesn't matter what anyone else is doing in the gym....just me...

I guess.

Makes me miss my dad....


  1. Mona, what gym are you going to these days?

    1. At a place in Rio Rancho.... Thankfully BJ is still writing my programming.

      I need to check in with him and Praxis more frequently.

  2. I've always hated gyms too. Until I found a gym that fits my goals. How about you starting a Scotish throwing gym?