Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Walking on clouds

The last time I flew, I could not make it the entire 2 and 1/2 hour flight without heading to the tiny tiny bathroom.  In fact, almost as soon as we took off, I had my hand on my seat belt waiting to hear the *ding* so I could unhook.

Ugh...for such a big girl, I have a tiny travel bladder.

As I walk quickly to the back of the plane (two, yes TWO people beat me to the front)..I have this moment of weightlessness....a tiny bump of turbulence that boosts me slightly in the air...well, further in the air than I already was.  I looked out the window...I guess thinking for a split second that I was in a car, looking for what caused the bump. That's a funny mind trick, isn't it?  What I saw....big big white fluffy clouds.

I kept walking and thought...I am walking right now, above the clouds.

How miraculous is that?

I mean...I take it for granted....when I fly, I usually just sit...convince myself I am in a car or in bad weather perhaps a roller coaster.

But here I am, above the clouds.

I passed a flight attendant pouring drinks and thought, "You are pouring drinks in the clouds."

Do they ever remember just what a wonder this is?

As I landed and for the next few days, all I could think about, "When do I walk above the clouds and take it for granted?"

When do you?

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