Wednesday, March 4, 2015

more cute kitties


5 rep max back squat
5x3 dips
150 thrusters.....yeah.  15 minute cap.

Ok so my butt hurts tonight.  I had a thought that perhaps I could get 300 for 5....

I warmed up...but I was tired...I ate like crap over the weekend.  Birthday cake and depression Nutella figured prominently in my weekend. Oh and crappy pizza too...

But, I got to a very deep set of 5 at 275 and that's really pretty good. I did a few dips, but I need so much time to warm up I always feel like I slow everybody down. Into the thrusters~Will reminded us to have a strategy....pick a number of reps you can get every time you touch the bar. He also was super duper clear about form...really clear.  So I stuck to my strategy of picking form...I know I could have banged some of this out faster...I didn't finish, but I think they were sexy beautiful thrusters.


my butt still hurts....

Did 5x2 clean and jerks.  again, not super heavy, but I think they were worth it.

I skipped the rest of the workout... and did stone drills and hammer winds.  I have asked BJ to watch if he can...Open...I am not getting my rt foot forward...still...gonna work on that.

As for today..because of a slew of appointments for vivi this is a rest day.

and my thighs and booty are still feeling that workout.

I have my first game in about 2 weeks....and BJ seems to be getting excited about how he is gonna torture, I mean train me for the season.

I am digging the maybe I'll start digging throwing again too.  I have been struggling with depression a just sucks the energy right out of me.  Then I feel guilty for feeling like crap because god knows I have so much to be grateful for....which makes me try to fake my way through it....which makes me feel shitty and drained....

and there it is.

So congratulations mona, you are afraid and depressed and filled with shitty food.  Yeah yeah yeah I know...eating well helps...I get it. I KNOW it...

Way to go.

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