Monday, March 9, 2015

knee pain.

Threw a crap load yesterday~ WOB and legs are sore...and my knee has been crabby.  I had the same issue last Monday...

What to do for a crabby knee? 


Seriously, it always helps...ALWAYS.

I lifted a little lighter than I should have....

5x3 at 235...I was supposed to lift at I was only 30 pounds off.....and I forgot my lifting shoes...and my knee wraps....but guess what?

Yup, my knee feels great now.


During the third started up...yup...a freaking hot flash started melting my eyes.  I really wanted to walk away.  But I kept lifting.

Then the workout. 

7 Minute AMRAP
 5 power cleans & push jerk
10 Box jumps.

I was on the cold concrete floor before we started...It doesn't help because my eyes are melting from the inside...but I am willing to try...The workout started and as usual I am slow, but at the end of it all...I was sweating, but in a different way...I cleaned myself through the freaking hot flash.  It's funny.

I laugh during the workout, 'cause what else are you gonna do.

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