Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crossfit for now...


Back Squats 5×3 up to 235
13 min AMRAP
7 Pullups
7 Wall balls
17 Double Unders (50 singles)

It was hard to do this workout because Phil was doing his last workout for the Open Regional and I would much rather watch and cheer him on.  Phil is one of the people who, when I first started Crossfit at Undisputed, kept me going.  I told Beth on Monday...Phil would actually lay on the floor while I did burpees...barely moving, barely breathing and tell me to keep moving because I was worth it.  I'll never forget that and I will always be grateful.  Kinda great for me, even though he goes at the crack of dawn, that Phil is now at Zia.

And shit....Phil is amazing....determined...motivated...... motivating.....and freaking lots of ways...strong....


Deadlift 5×3  up to 265
8 rounds for time
3 front squats @ 70% of 1RM Clean  (115)
Sprint to the end of the building and back...I knee is feeling funny.

Funny...squatting actually makes the knee feel counter intuitive about the squatting thing, but there it is.


Bench Press 5×3
Every minute for 10 minutes
Even minutes: 10 Overhead Squats with PVC (bar if you want)/hold bottom OHS position remainder of minute
Odd minutes: 5 Pushups/hold plank position

yuck...but I'll will go, if for no other reason than to amuse BJ by arguing with Sheila about who is stronger (she is).

I have not been writing much...stress is stressing me out and I love that I am still managing to hit the gym, but  it is no magic pill for stress relief.  My heart shit is happening way too often...but I am getting some help with getting things done that annoy the crap out of me....(like having to set up, meet, and probably pay for all the workmen I have to get to the house that I don't even live in any more.)  I am so unfocused it pisses me off...and even thinking about all the crap I will be left to take care of in the next few weeks just sorta shuts me down.  Grant keeps reminding me that no matter how bad it is that there will be people to help me clear out that house.  (if everything goes through)

I am just struggling with trusting myself to be able to rise to this challenge instead of falling apart...because frankly, I don't really wanna fall apart anymore....

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  1. Those are some killer workouts. You are very strong.

    I"m sorry for all the stress your going through. Let Cindy and I know if you need help with anything at all. We are here for you.