Thursday, May 8, 2014


Cannot even remember the last time I wrote.

Had a stretch of time there when I couldn't say anything nice, so I said nothing.  And not just about the obvious things going on...but about myself either...

But as I suspected, I have moved through some of it.  Funny how life works, isn't it.

The house has been god we got the shaft after fees and all that.  I can't imagine that I will ever buy again after that experience.  Also....Because we were in a rush, we did not shop for an agent....just went with the first suggestion.

Probably a mistake....certain companies....well...they are for certain "levels" of client and when you are not "that client" not sure they have real time for ya.

Grabbed the keys yesterday and I had to double check they were mine...they were light.  I looked at what I was holding and it hit me keys were gone.

Miss my pups something fierce too....I can't imagine I will ever own another dog. 

Worked out ONCE last week...Once so far this week.

Spoke a little with BJ....gonna just Crossfit for a while...until the show is up and running.  No use setting myself up to fail on programing.

Gotta let myself learn from allllll these other failures first.

I'm in a happy place still....can you tell?

But, really, I am.....or at least I know it is coming.  Everything shifts.


  1. glad to hear your doing CF still. Continueing to train while going through major life adjustmens is so hard. The fact that you are is wonderful. I'm so glad to see that.
    Your so strong, and kind, and wonderful, and lovable. i wish i could just wrap you in a giant bear hug and make all this hurt and pain go away........

  2. There's a certain wisdom to go in the direction your life is taking you and letting go of resistance. Then you find yourself in a brand new place.
    And the "ah hah s" start flooding in. Congrats on your courage.