Wednesday, April 9, 2014

bloggy Blogs...

So..yes I am feeling better today.  Grounded...

got lots of love last night.



So~I thought I would post some of the blogs I follow on my little blogger feed....this is not comprehensive by any means, there are some I look at that I have not linked to my page, but this is the sort of stuff I read.


Love this man....Met him at Zia and he works his way through eating issues, family stuff, and weight lifting.


Highland Sister....been throwing and laughing and crying with her since I started..In fact, she lent me a kilt for my very first competition.


Another Highland sister...(you will begin to see a pattern here)  I think I met Cat at my 3rd competition and I love her "spiffy."


Yup...Highlands sister...met her last year....snarky, feisty, fierce, damn good thrower, and lots of laughs.

There are about 4 more personal blogs I follow but they haven't posted in like a year!

My new favorite non personal blog is  rebellesociety.

Love, Pain, Poetry, stuff...

There is also Fat Crossfitter, prettystrongblog, fitandfeminist katwhitfield 

Got any favs?

Oh ... Snatches and clean & jerk.

5 pounds off my PR in the snatch  & matched the PR on the C &J...but that is driving me nuts...but more on that another day. 

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