Wednesday, December 4, 2013

something else....

oh boy oh boy, I just discovered something that a fat, out of condition, shoulder injury ridden, mildly depressed highland athlete should never do.....

If you walk in the gym and the workout on the board makes no sense, sometimes it means fun....other times, like today....


Will says, "this is a typical parkour workout."  It's taking people 16-25 minutes to do.  I snipe, try 36 for me...I get that look from know that "stop it" look, or maybe it was the "that's ok if it takes that long look."

My gut told me to run screaming from the gym.

Run 800m
then 2 rounds of:
Quadrupedal Movement 35 steps
Quadrupedal Movement with a pushup each step 35 steps
Inch Worm, 35 steps
Squat with a jump x 20

I looked at Sheila and I said, "I have never wanted to leave the gym more than I do right now." She and I rowed instead of running.  The first QM I did bear crawls.  Not bad. Then on to the QM with a push up... I tried to do a frog like jump, but it hurt my shoulder, so I moved to the spider crawl, which allowed me to take direct pressure off of my shoulder.  Then the inch worms.

By far the worst part.

I was down to about number 27 or so, when I was doubled over, panting like the fat girl I am right now....wanting so much to stop.  When I heard the ugly voice I had not heard in a while.

"quit...who one cares if you finish know you can't should not be doing this...."

So what happens? My crazy lady comes out.  I stand up straight and say (oh probably a little to loud) "just shut up, stand up, and keep moving."

Got those done...on to my crappy jump squats...and back around to the top.  It is, as you can imagine, much worse the second time through. I am breaking the bear crawls into 10's, the push up things in to 7's then 5's then 3's.  Then the damn inch worms...again....

I think 3 at a time, then 2...then 1.  Will calls out to me a couple of times...keep moving Mona.  I know I know...I am fighting tears and the desire to just finish.

I get to the squats...yeah of course I am all alone at this point. The only thing that bothers me about that is that everyone can see how crappily I move.  Sigh...ego.

I can only do 3 at a time I hurt so much..I hear Brittany yelling encouragement. Sheila comes over to me for the last 10 and says she is gonna do them with me.  I love her for that.  It is shocking that the closer I got to finishing the more I want to quit.  I don't even think I thanked her for doing the extra squats with me.  Thanks Sheila...I know I had my eyes closed...but I think I may have walked away if you were not there.

So yeah...outta shape, depressed, chubby, middle aged, injured highland athlete, just getting back to the crossfit deal....when you hear the words...Parkour....give it a try.  I did finish...and you know, I  did it in under 36 minutes.  22:25 actually.

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  1. there's nothing worse for a competition driven person than having to try and train through injury. Your doing great. Killin' it actually! I don't think u have any idea what an inspiration u are to the people around you.

    You inspire me. Keep kickin' butt!