Thursday, December 12, 2013

back squats, feelin' weak, wetting my pants....

No, not really on that last one... but my ass hurts after the last 2 Crossfit workouts.

Well, I think it is safe to say that I am back to doing Crossfit.  It is not every day...but 3 or 4 days.  Trying to get to they gym during the holidays and with all this additional therapy and court crap going on...well, I am gonna cut myself some slack and be happy with the 3 to 4 days.  And yes... I am seeing someone...after all my whining about talky talky therapy, something inside just finally said it was time, that and as I said before, all of the people in my life urging me to go. 

I am at a "Crisis" center....which means it is really NOT all talky talky therapy.  It is about skills and coping strategies.  10 sessions max.  Kinda like Crossfit~you know short, get to it, be done...

One of the things I have already learned since I started, directly affects my work in the gym, which is why I bring it up.  I had tried to use the gym as a pressure release point as I have before, as many of us do. What I have found over the last two months is that I go to the gym and I can't focus, I can't move well, I try to lift heavy and I give up, I can't even get myself to watch the training video I bought. I guess this is typical.  Not necessarily about the gym, but about activities or things that used to give you pleasure.  So maybe after some talky talky I'll get some focus back that I need to train...

Any whoooo

Back Squats 8×2 increasing
10 rounds for time:
Farmer’s walk (heavy) down
Sprint down & back
3x15 Weighted back Extentions & Toes to Bar

So Squats...I love squats. Well, that's not exactly news huh?

I was lifting alone...all the boys had grouped up and the ladies in class were...well, too short to share a rack. So I start at 95  Crazy heavy right?
235  Oh this feels kinda nice
275  hmmm should I go up?  When I looked at the board I thought 275 was a good goal. I'd have to get 20 more on. 
295  I did it and it wasn't even all that ugly!

The farmers walk..I didn't get too heavy..shoulder and all...and I was slow as shit...but I just kept moving.
The last shit...jesus can I be done yet.  I'll tell ya something, after this three part workout? I stank.
Oh I smelled bad. 

Press 3×5
Deadlifts 1×5
8 minute AMRAP
10 Overhead Squats @ 50% bodyweight
10 DB Push Press @ 50% of bodyweight

This was a cluster f&*k for me....all that shoulder. I had some amazing body work done in the morning too.  I had a difficult afternoon...but I made myself go, because for various reasons Tuesday was even worse than Wednesday.  I even managed to go to the 6:30 class...squeaked that workout in. Presses blow. So (no giggling), but I had to lift at 55...I made a crack about it near Kori and I could tell I kinda hurt her feelings. I explained it like this...for me being restricted to 55 pounds because I am hurt is like if someone told you, you can only run around the block, once.  You know it is all relative to our particular strengths. 

Deads....haven't dead lifted in a while...

Started at 125 then 175 then 225 Mark came over and told me (politely) to slow the f$^k down. Focus on from, each part of the form.  I asked him how many sets...he just said til its heavy but not so you have to drop the weight. So I did one more set at 255. Not huge, but I forgot how taxing a set of 5 can be!

The rest of the workout...sigh...I am working on not judging myself..I had tried to overhead squat just the bar in the warm up and it Mark told me to Front squat instead and for my Push presses...wanna know how heavy I went?


It worked though...the shoulder feels fine today...and Hell, I worked out.

I got some cheerleading from the sidelines from Will...reminding me to keep moving...which I needed, thank you very much and I got a good reminder about the self judgement I was feeling earlier.  As Kori was setting up, she kept saying...I can't do these, these are the worst movement, I am terrible at these, these are not my thing. Well shit, we were facing each other during the workout, so we could make faces at one another. I watched her.  She did the first 2 sets unbroken...deep squats too... so at some point during the end...I yelled at her, you better change your mind...this IS your thing, make it your move.  She looked great, she just doesn't know it. Do overhead squats suck? Yeah, but Kori really was either doing half her body weight or at least really close.  As I was saying it to her, I realized I did just the thing she did~earlier...

Both of us forgetting that the stuff we think we suck at we really don't, you know why? Because we are doing it at all...

And really Kori, you have beautiful overhead squats...but I'll always suck at running!  I'll just try to complain less, I promise.

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