Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silence has been eerily quiet on this blog...

I just got back from Denver, the Highland Ranch games....I'd love to write about it...but....I just can't right now.

Those of you who follow me, mostly follow me through FaceBook, so you have most likely seen the posts from Pierre....and some from me.

There are changes afoot....I kinda wish I could write about these, but that feels WAY too private.

The only thing to say right now is I am trying to move through this with love and respect and I hope that holds strong.

I also took my eldest back to school this week....funny, it is such a non event the second time around.  Got to spend precious moments with my friend Heather....and for the 3rd time in about a week, I have been confronted with my negative thoughts with a huge slap of love right in the face.  See, I have these games coming up in September of 2014~I signed up for them not knowing how in the Hell I would ever really pay for them. After the decision was made to separate...I REALLY knew I wasn't gonna be able to go.  In this one little week....I have had 3 separate people or groups of people say to me, "No, you are going, we will help get you have to go."

I am not sure that any of them know how these simple words held me up in this difficult time, how much you made me see that what I am doing matters in some weird way, how grounded in my physicality this makes me feel (which in turn makes me feel safe).

I know now, I will be going.  There will be fund raisers and work to get sponsors...but this old broken down lady is worth that work.  I mean for god sake, if others think I am, who the hell am I to argue.

September 2014

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  1. I'm going... somehow, some way, looking at some extra jobs through the winter. If I can make this (with a house that I bought that I can barely afford) then YOU are going to!! Serious training starting next week. I'm not going that far to take last place dammit!!