Friday, December 2, 2016

What the....

So...I originally was training for the meet in Roswell this weekend...and now I am not going.  Family issues. 

Oh well. 

I also haven't worked out in about 2 weeks.  Well lots of walking...but....the Tuesday after the meet, I was doing dead lifts and I tore the hell out of my hand...the callus on my pinkie finger split wide open...It healed...went back to the gym Monday.....And....I ....Just....couldn't....

Don't know what I'm doing.


Didn't finish the last program strong at all....not sure what the hell I want.  Going to try the next set of is supposed to help me make all the small corrections that are affecting my movement and also help with breathing shit....probably means cardio....  I read the description and I thought, "oh Hell no.." so yea, that means I need to do it.

I am in a weird fucking place right now....I also feel like I can't put it "on paper" yet...too too too much rambling.

I am looking at myself and thinking..what the shit.

Here's a good work story for boss was leaving for a bit and asked me to clean up her email...I was planning on that yeah of course...I'll clean up folders, unsubscribe...blah blah I log in, and there are 5300+ UNREAD emails...that number doesn't even include things that were read and then left.

Holy hell....

So the clean up of folders and unsubscribing didn't even happen.  Took me almost 4 hours just to delete shit.  HA....Some of the unread crap dated back to the summer of 2013! 

Oh...the spam folder?  12,000 emails......

I think it's funny...we all have that stuff we just can't or don't complete....I could get all judgy and be, "it so easy, just delete,"  but for whatever reason it isn't for her...So, I'll get in there and clean it up more often.  No biggy....

No different than me wanting to take off this 20 pounds or lift heavier and knowing what I need to do is really simple..EAT BETTER...but I don't complete it. Only difference is that  can't hire someone to eat that salad instead of that cookie for me.

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