Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 1

Testing week,  day one:

One rep on Dead
Crush Work
2000 meter row.

Not looking for much here...starting place.

Was hoping or 300 on the 345...I'll see how the shoulder feels later.  Tried 375, got it off the floor..but not up.

Hand squeezie thinggies...then.....

Rowing...lots of rowing.  2000 meters.  I have no reference point for this one. 

Got it in 9:40....that's like fucking cardio.

I was happy...still, I freak out about the heart.  UGH still.  I just told, are it's fast...duh...'s been a year.

I usually write on anniversaries of things....but....I dunno.

I asked if he wanted to stay married another year, he said that's good enough for me. He knows and I know and that's all.

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