Thursday, September 15, 2016


Numbers numbers.

Let's play a game.  For someone who says they don't like math I get caught up in numbers A LOT. 

Used to be the scale, oh fuck me it still it is more often inches on the field or pounds on a bar.  Ok Ok...back to the number in the title.  1000.

It's a random number...but something that seems like a good goal. 


Pounds in a powerlifting meet.

Not sure why I chose that's round and it sounds cool.

and.....I wasn't that far away from it.  It seemed attainable in a year or so.  As long as I did one thing...kept adding weight to the bar, a pound at a time. Oh...and stayed injury free. 

So....I added up my recent one rep maxes:

Bench 165
dead    405
squat   375

Oh  I was close...945...but but but...that would mean getting those numbers or more ALL IN THE SAME DAY.  That is silly.

But still, with consistent WAS possible.  Still might be, just not now.

So....other numbers.

11:  weeks of programming BJ is working on for me and number of weeks to my first real power lifting meet.

1: sketchy shoulder that I am being super careful with.

3: lifts I will be working on.

2: number of gyms I can work in.  :)

15: number of pounds I have lost this year.  Small but it is a start.

10: number of pounds I'd like to shave off while I am on this program.  Which, I know can be tricky when you are working on putting weight on the bar. BUT...I am not lifting like I was before I tore my shoulder.

750: the new total I think might be possible...but I won't really know 'til I start the programming whether or not the shoulder will be happy.

1000: number of steps that I need to take to get me to any of my goals. 

It will be all the little numbers, the little goals that will keep me on track and focused.

As for today?  BJ had me do rack pulls to see how the shoulder responds.  First pulls since I got hurt...and I fucking videoed it too....sets of 5, did most of them at 225.  It's on IG if you must know.

Yeah....I am going to commit to video at least once a week during this program.  GAG...

The only way to see what I am doing, right?  Ugh...

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