Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bench Press

As my friend Zoi put it, "last week was a cunt."

Ok, got that off my chest.

This week looks to be at least an asshole....but I am well enough to be in the gym.

Bench press today.

Yeah buddy, you heard me right...

3x5....felt good, shoulder feels good right now. The weight you ask? Is it polite to ask an old woman's weight?

75!  I had weight on the bar!!!

Then I did curls (sans mirror), flys, reverse flys, triceps extensions and a shit ton of mobility.

I will hold my judgement for how all this went for tonight or tomorrow morning.

As for right at this harry half second, I am going to jump on a (modified) training program for that powerlifting meet in December.  I'll always be working with some sort of injury, some sort of job crap, some sort of personal chaos, and days~weeks~months that are complete assholes.

Little steps help me see where I am...little steps move you up the path or down it as the case may be.

Little steps are all I have...and that just has to be enough right now.

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