Tuesday, July 5, 2016

fails that aren't fails...

I meant to write last week after this happened....but well....I am trying to create this habit, but studying has taken priority.

Last week, I had that nasty 5x3 80% dead lifts AGAIN...I went into the gym thinking, "ok, just get at least one more of these lifts than you got last week."  Just get a little better today.  Seems like a plan.  I didn't go in saying "kill this!"

So guess what happened?

go on, guess....

I only got one set.


and you know what I did? I moved on.

I just moved on.

Hersch said...lifting isn't linear Mona.

Fuck yeah...what the hell is.

So I moved on and didn't berate myself.

I'll try again this week.  Well, maybe not.  Turns out I have an injury.  Something in my gut, my abs, my NASTY.  Got a massage this weekend and I am complete crooked.   Walking with a protected gait. Twisted even.

(That's funny)

It hurts, I hurt....She thinks it's from a bad lift...Probably some truth to that, but I am always sitting...sitting and studying. Sitting and worrying about the test....sitting and taking practice tests.

This is my typical sitting posture...

I'm not sure what I will do this week in the gym.  Maybe not lift heavy or not lift at all.

Oh, and I have to travel to Oklahoma this weekend, right before the test.

Yeah sitting.

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