Saturday, July 16, 2016

Self trolling.

Ok, first a clarification. I am NOT a writer.  Never have been. I got horrible grades in English classes unless they were "drama" English classes.  In which case my cold reading skills always carried some weight. HA!

I am not always clear.... In the last blog I had pointed out that I look like the above mountain troll. What I wasn't able to make clear, is that the thought I had when I looked into the mirror and saw myself as said mountain troll was brief, very brief and very funny to me... Which I was hoping to convey was a good thing... A bit of progress.

Sorry if I somehow came off as... I dunno... Whatever I came off as.

So I found some photos of what I look like....typical Mona looks I guess.  Photos that I actually like of know, classic beauty that I am.  Like in this one.  
Or this.....

Well, I am an expressive sort.  

I do love this one.  

And this. 

I like the drive, the "want" in each of those.  

I found this one too.... My dear friend Marissa caught's just happy.  

So I really do know I don't look like a mountain troll...even if my head is too small for my body or if I happen to get a wand shoved up my nose.  



  1. One of my favorite quotes. "I know you understand what you think I said, but what I'm not sure of is if you understood what I meant ".

  2. I get wands shoved up my nose quite often...usually self inflicted. You are a beautiful, goofy, beast...and I LOVE ya!