Friday, May 20, 2016

Pre Game notes


I got nothing.

Gonna enjoy some time in the sun.  Love my Masters group.  I shall probably watch a couple of these ladies set both personal and world records.

That is awesome.

I have promised myself I will be happy with where ever I am throwing....It has not been my focus at's ok.

I have finally learned that the people who support me won't string me up just because I don't keep throwing better and higher and farther.

That time is behind me, that life is behind me.

I'll post some numbers next week.

To all the folks in Victoria this weekend....kill it!

To the SGL folks competing here in Albuquerque....kill it!

To all my Praxis peeps....kill it!

To all those strong folks at Westside....kill it!

Have a fun weekend...and come join me if you can out at balloon fiesta park.

Celtic Fest

I woke up this morning, without fear.

I am so grateful.

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