Friday, May 27, 2016


Well....I didn't write shit down...I was having too much fun.

I was happy with caber, sheaf~ I matched my pr of 24'....went for 19'9" on WOB, but missed...

The things that suffered were exactly what I had thought...

Stones, weight, hammers.....don't practice?  Well there it is. I am hard on myself...but I am working on that too....

But it was a blast..long, cause there were 13 of us.

Meet with BJ too....some plans, but I don't have them solid in my brain yet.

And I started tracking food again....just tracking.


Stress and food are glorious.

OHHHHH  I started meditating too...doctors orders.  Ness turned me on to an app....I have 7 whole days behind me now.

Got too many things to write about and I am not writing often enough, so this is jumpy!

I am headed to Denver to do my class in a week...I suck at this stuff.  SO hard to get formulas and regulations in my brain.  All I can do is try.

Between my lack of training, my inability to learn what I need for the series 7,  my weight, and some other shit I don't write about on here...I am feeling like a giant ball of failure....mostly...but I also know I am confronting old demons, standing up for myself, and working on stuff that is WAAAAY outside my comfort maybe it isn't failure....maybe I'm stretching and growing and finding boundaries...

OHHHHH a shout out to two bad ass women in my life.

Sheila Helme...for getting out there and throwing in her first game and Ness....for grabbing her career by the horns and making it yours.

You are both super inspiring!  Thanks

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