Monday, May 2, 2016

2 numbers

ok...short term goal.


No I lie.


I am sorta stoked.

BJ's programing was spot on.

Before all my heart stuff and the surgery, I had a back squat one rep of 350.  It was an ugly 350, but whatever.

Post surgery..December of 2015...recovery programing and  moving into a power lifting meet...I got 315.

SO...I was looking for 330 today...Gary had said 3-5%....

I hit 335 and it was clean and felt good...

put on felt ok.

put on 375...I bent forward a little but but corrected and got it up.  When to Gary and he, at first, told me to go heavier...until we figured out I put 50 onto my squat since December.


I'm a little geeked out.

400 might actually happen.

The only caveat?  I didn't video it.  I hate that.  I mean, I hate ME on I didn't tape it and now?  I regret it.  I have to get past that shit.

Thank god there were eyes on I know for sure it was a good lift.




Thanks BJ...I mean really....not just for the programing, but for fucking putting up with me and for believing in me and my heart when I often don't and for tricking me back into Praxis on my lunch hour.  You knew as well as I did (if not more) that I was about to give up.

And thanks Gary...for keeping a sly eye on my the last 10 weeks...sneaky.

Yeah! Back squats!

Now....I guess I need to start working on throwing??


  1. So, now you're at a point where you have to think about why you're doing what you're doing. I mean, maybe you know that already, so maybe I'm blabbing to no purpose here. You tend to think things through a lot so I'm probably off-target.

    If you wanted to squat this immense quantity just because you wanted to, then YAY, YOU! If you wanted to squat this insane poundage because you're aiming for a powerlifting meet or some other powerlifting goal, then YOU GO GIRL.

    But if you're squatting those kinds of numbers in order to throw farther, then maybe it's time to do some hang cleans and box jumps and throw A LOT.

  2. Oh yeah...I know.

    I really did do it just to do it.

    And now if I am gonna be throwing, which I can't throw much at all this year, my training must change. I really haven't decided about the powerlifting thing. I can do more of it closer to home, which is a HUGE consideration for the next few years.

    I miss throwing....but the lifting is fun too.

    Thanks Alan!