Thursday, May 14, 2015

numbers and whatever, it really doesn't matter.

I almost always post a pregame goals blog...

Not even sure what to write for this weekend's game.

It will be my 5th Rio Grande Celtic Festival. 

WOW...I am starting my 5th year of throwing this weekend.  I am also, as you know, having heart least this year~right in this moment I know what they are.  This will be my last game before surgery too. 

5 first game in 2011 started me down a path that I never thought I would be ready for, that I knew I could not handle.  Been an interesting road. I am still here.  As my friend Stefany told me once, 'If you are going through Hell...just keep going..."  I have and I will.

Mostly I am confident headed into surgery...mostly.

I have started to do some visualization work, not for throwing like I some times do, but for the surgery.  Trying to let go of the thought of them poking a hole in my heart.  But the fear is there.

OH  Crap...the game, right.....

Ok, well, goals....

It would be nice to do a little better than I did in Vegas.  I was still on the beta blockers for that game.  Another goal, keep the heart calm.  Oh, right, I can't control that.

Ok Vegas numbers I guess.

Stone   24' 4"
Open   25' 9"
HWD   42'
LWD    59' 10"
HH     61' 7"
LH      77' 2"
WOB  15'    (really?)
sheaf   20'

Well, I can't be disappointed in results I didn't get because of training I didn't do. 


Nor can I be this weekend. 

I am glad to be off the Blockers, but I am not really training.  I am moving a few days a week which is better than nothing.  I work foot drills and placement things with WFD. After all, we fall to the level of our prep on the details don't we? 

As long as the surgery goes well, I'll get back to it....but this year?  Well....I don't know. 

I just don't know if I can do the games I signed up for yet.  Pikes Peak will be interesting as it is 3 weeks after surgery.....

I am depressed, can you tell?  Which of course doesn't help my eating at all....I'm fat.

OHHHHHHH  I forgot.....some good shit.

I had a great time in my acting ended last Sunday.

I'll miss that too.....Gym is closing in 2 weeks too....


What the hell.

Ok where was I?


Keep my head on straight, remember what is important, move a little, enjoy the sun, and soak up the joy in throwing from the fan~fucking~tastic ladies in my group.

As for the other is all coming.  All that I can change is my attitude towards it.

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