Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And then there is this.....

 Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate.

Lots of changes again this year...big ones, all good I am sure....then I got word of another.  This one will be good too, in the long run.

My gym is changing.

No I am not changing gym is shifting, changing, I hate to say closing...cause that is not exactly what is happening~but they are closing for a period of time....they will be finding a new space and they will be moving on from the Crossfit affiliation.

Even though I know it will be a better fit, especially for the trainers and what they want to be able to provide. I find myself feeling grief...  crazy, no?

All the "oh crap how will I make this work" and "oh no where is my home away from home gonna be" and "nooooooo I love this community" and "how will I ever train" and the worst "What if I never workout again????" start to play loudly in my skull.

But...I remember how strong this group of folks are, trust that BJ will find a great place, trust that they will be able to work more in the direction that energizes them as trainers....

Training people to DO SHIT.

To be the best they can at all the crazy diverse shit everyone is involved in at the gym.  I am not so damn Pollyanna that I think we won't lose some people, I am sure they will....what was that thing that guy said?

oh yea...

In the mean time, I am gonna spend some time imagining what silly new name they will come up with....

People Doing Shit
Dorks in the High Desert
Unconventionally Intense Gym
Cranky Fitness
Not your Mother's Crossfit
We Lift for Pie


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