Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I realized that I have not updated my issue with my hands on here...I did work with Paul and as Paul does, he gave me lots of homework. 

I keep doing the homework because it is working.

SERIOUSLY working. 

Example? Yesterdays workout:

Snatch off the blocks 8×1 (max)
superset with
8x double leg zig zag start to sprint (ugh)
Farmer’s walk down and back (heavy)
Bear Crawl down and back
Handstand walk down (or a handstand hold 30 seconds)
Double leg zig-zag bound back
1 rope climb

All of this stuff with my wrists in a flexed position would have killed me a month and a half ago...but I did my homework before I hit the gym and lo and behold....hands are ok.

As for my work on this workout? 


My shoulder isn't happy so snatches stayed at 75.  

It took me three rounds to get my butt up on the wall, but the last 2 rounds I actually held it! 

I actually got most of the way up the rope on the third round!

The funny thing was...BJ was really pushing folks for the heavy in "heavy farmers walk".  The most I had done before was 65, so I chose 75...did the first round...was heavy!

On my way back from the rope, I got the dumb bells and started walkin'...they were heavy heavy, I just chalked it up to the rope climb and bear crawls.   I put them down and well....I had grabbed someone's 95's. 



I asked Megan what she would do....she gave a sly look and said use the 95 until you can't. Did the final 4 rounds with the 95.

Again....walked in knowing I could never use the 95's for a farmers walk....walked out happy and sore as hell. I've also got cool bruises on my wrists. 

Trying to get back to throwing....played with blades....just no....mojo.

Strong man doo~dad in Durango this weekend.  I am looking forward to watching Sara  and Chuck...and looking forward to meeting some new folks. 

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