Thursday, December 18, 2014

time for some finger pointing...

'cause god knows it ain't my fault.

CAT Deadlift 5×1 @ 95% of Training Max
Plyometrics...this was some hamstring thinggy then 5 jumps over a hurdle
5 Rounds (6)
Bear Crawl down
10 Athletic burpees
Power towel caterpillar down and back  (WTF)
Triple Jump Back, jog it out to the end

I was slow warming up into the deads... had to do 315.  which I did.  In between each dead we had to do that pylo stuff. 

I was really pleased that the 315 did not feel all that heavy.  I have not been feeling hands are shifting between hot pain and numb.  And well, that makes me depressed and moody and scared.  I figured I would not do them at that weight when I walked in the gym, but I did....

now for the finger pointing.

The jumping crap.  I can't jump...I know I started on the 18" hurdle....

I went back to my bar and was watching Will lift....(he is also dealing with some physical crap) and I remembered something he said to me while I was having a particularly nasty day.  I was struggling with a stone and I said something under my breath.  Well he heard me...And he shook me out of the head space and I got the stone up.  Later he said something to me like...I am not going to let you say "I can't" in front of me.

There are lots of things I can't do in the gym...LOTS...but it reminded me that there is a difference, however small, between I can't and I can't yet....or at least~~I can work towards it even if I never get it.

ANYWAY....I kept watching Will (yea....a gym stalker) and I decided to go higher on the stupid hurdles.  I did ask a couple of folks to tell me if I was clearing it or not.  By my estimation, I was barely I moved to the 21"  ....then the last set of 5 I did at the 27" hurdle.

I know that is no big deal to many of you...who cares right?  But yet again, I walked in that gym today KNOWING that I don't jump...I CAN'T jump.  But I decided to listen to Will....cause if he heard me say I can't again....sigh.

So it really is Will's fault that I can jump a 27" hurdle.

True...I only got one round of the rest of that insanity in...I had to go back to work....I am so slow...

PLEASE no more jumping paired with heavy dead lifts....ahhhh...

I need a cookie.

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  1. "I need a cookie". Ha! That was hilarious! Great job gettin through something you weren't confident in.That was bad ass. Tough as nails.