Thursday, December 11, 2014

nerves and numbers

Thought I might miss my dead lifts today due to working with Paul...but I shall be fine...I'll just hit the gym late.

So...he was playing on my last nerve today. No not really...but in his opinion there was some tangle with my collar bone...then in to my ulnar nerve.  He pulled and moved and pressed and cajoled the arms. It isn't perfect, but I can say my hands are warm again.   As for the feet...I cant remember...flexion blah blah...see how your foot is pointed for no reason...mangled the spaces between the bones in my foot....pushy pushy...and the neck too...lean here....pull this rib...

I have "homework" and I have to go back in two weeks, see if the homework helps.

I hope so....I was upset yesterday after the gym...multiple reasons...but my hands were at the top of that list.

On a completely different note...I was goofing off on NASGA yesterday and I suddenly was wondering how much the Women's Masters class has grown since I started in I know this isn't the end all be all of lists...but I was sorta blown away by what I saw.

2011 there are 28 women ranked under women' masters.
2012 there were 48
2013 there were 66
In 2014....


come on...



WHAT? How awesome is that?  Makes me wonder how much the sport has grown overall in that time and which class has grown the most. But I am a much simpler numbers person than that.

I am thrilled that the class went from 28 to just over 100 in 4 years! I am lucky as Hell to count myself amongst your numbers ladies.

So...... I had to at least look at the numbers for the category "all women."

Ready for it?


Ok ladies.  This rocks...


Next time someone says there are not enough women to justify a class....just picture this happy cat and laugh at how ill informed they are.

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