Thursday, October 23, 2014

yoga updates

Did my third class....

learned "the fucked up chair" which was cool...

also did something called the dead chicken.....good for the hip.

and the smashed snake, which I think we did before but I hate this one and it really bugged me last night.

I was more than less focused than the two weeks of less focusing before I thought I might need some focus.....

Reading that sentence is kinda how I feel doing yoga.

I had a really really tough time with it last night....I felt bad for the teacher....or leader....or whatever they are called in yoga.  I wasn't oooooozing sarcasm last was just my supreme lack of focus.  I really am not trying to be disrespectful.....she is good...well, I think she is but what the Hell do I know.  I like it....kinda.   sigh.

I am an asshole.

If she doesn't kick me out I am gonna keep going for a while to see if I can do more than examine my mat and my toes.  Ness is an angel for putting up with me.

On a Zia Crossfit note...I complained to BJ...bitterly, that the dumb bells don't go up by 2 pound increments....


3X5 push press at 110...that's 5 pounds more than last week.
7x1  Dumb bell snatches at 55  that's 5 pounds more than last week.
3x3 single leg jumpy thinggies....
3x8 dumb bell curls at 40  that's also 5 pounds more than last week.

The curls are when I needed the 2 pound jump...but not really.... I did them all.  And the stupid curls have been the weirdest thing for me.  Never done them before this...they seem silly, but I get why I am doing them, and the oddest thing? I started the program using the yeah.  That's sorta cool.

I just wish the dumb bell curls had a cool in yoga.

Like "killer wing bend."

or  "eagle grope."

or "turtle fart."

sigh....she's gonna kick me outta that yoga class yet.

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