Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rest week

I know I could have/should have talked to my coachy~coaches before I did it. But I am "resting" this week.

The other times I have done this I felt itchy and anxious to get back at it, this time, not so much. Guess I picked a good time.

Those of you who know, know that this is a weird tricky time right now.  Only because...well...I guess if I let it, which I was. But whatever, dates are dates and anniversaries only hold as much power as you give them. So...I hiked on Sunday and I did yoga yesterday.

 Ness sent me that famous "Craig's list yoga mat for sale" thing last week...yeah....

Yoga Mat for sale

This class was a little different, same instructor.  I wasn't so bothered by the "not coming and fixing every last placement of every body part" thing this time.  She said something about being less rigid and doing what feels right for each person. That I can deal with. I had to keep reminding myself when we started that I was CHOOSING to be there.  I was letting myself get anxious...I was getting dizzy going from upside down to feet seemed very interesting...and well, I had to fart. Yeah, whatever. As soon as I came into the space, I had to fart. Do you know how frightening yoga can be when you feel the need to fart? Downward dog was terrifying. It was all I was thinking about.

Then I tried to just connect to my breath and I had trouble.  I am still holding my breath...a lot.  I mean not every day I don't think, but maybe...maybe, just maybe that is why I knew I wanted to try this...more for the breath crap than any stretching.

And no I am not sore...and no, I didn't fart. And yes...I will go again next week, as long as Ness doesn't wanna slap me by then.

I get to drive to Oklahoma on Friday to see my son in a show...Get to hang with Heather & Marwin...then back on Sunday.  Then I'll head back to the gym on Monday....

Gotta set some goals and I gotta...well...breathe.

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