Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thoughts after last night....

So,  I went to yoga last night.

I am a convert.  I swear I did not know how to breathe or move or BE before this class.  I have given BJ notice to cancel my membership at Zia and I am praying the last few years of lifting and throwing hasn't ruined me for yoga.....

So, I show up in the parking lot, the class is held at the Photo Eye Gallery....and I meet Ness.  We mat down next to each other and I immediately apologize for the skepticism that is ooooozing off of my skin.  The teacher is Kim....seems nice enough, she's a bigger girl like me which is cool.  It is a big class....but that is ok.  The thing I notice the most, is that many of the poses are things I already know and already do.  I am not completely new to this after all. I am a lot more flexible than I give myself credit for as well. Also....lots of these yoga poses have clearly been adapted by the mobility folks as well, as I am doing shit I do for warm ups.

It was ok until my attention started to go to the patterns on the floor, the mat, my own foot. 

It was sooooooo looooooong.

I am also perhaps too social for this thing....I also could have used more guidance.  I know that a pose held wrong can do more harm than good.

I suppose though, I could use some more of this quiet meditative type movement.  It would also do me some good to look at the reasons I am thinking yoga might be a good addition to my training.  

I know it might help my core (so do deads and squats), increase flexibility, calm my over~charged mind.   So...something in me is bucking hard against this. Is it because it is such a Santa Fe thing to do? Is it my prior experiences with nasty yoga teachers?  Is it just 'cause I gotta be a pain in the ass about SOMETHING?  Yet still...I am the one proposing to to myself...HA.

So....I told Ness...a couple more classes with Kim and we are gonna check out that Blue Moon place people have recommended and perhaps a few more too. Frankly the people were fine, the teacher was sweet, so I got nothing to bitch about for my first foray back into yoga.  It was just....yawn...but that's my problem, not yoga's problem.

I think if she will put up with me I am gonna ask Ness to help me stick with this 'til the end of the year.  Then I'll have time to see if I am getting what I think I want from it. 

Crap....I guess I need a yoga mat....

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