Friday, September 5, 2014

Late and short

A reminder:

Braemer  22'2"
Open       26'6" 
HWFD    45'9" 
LWFD    61'10"
HH         64'
 LH          85'6" 
WOB      19'2"

Braemer  24'3"  Wow...nice jump if I say so myself.... it's a big rock too.
Open       29'5.5"  huh.. 
HWFD    38'10"  yeah...I just wrote that....I fouled TWICE...and barely stayed in on this one.  why? I have no was  The next event was heavy hammer, so I just shook it off and got a big throw on the hammer.  But this throw really really bugged me ALL day.
LWFD    63'9"
HH         70'4"
LH          84'7"
WOB      19'

No pr's, but a couple of season bests.  Challenge caber on day 2 I got three 12 o'clocks~crazy.   Took a shot at the championship caber...hahahahahahahhah.

85 pounds, made of metal.

Yes. Metal.

I picked it twice, first go at it was maybe 40 degrees.  I was happy.

Even though I didn't get any pr's and it seems unlikely I will be killing my numbers any time soon, I was pretty happy with my throwing...well, except that heavy weight.  I have no idea...ugh.

My friend Mark got a world record this weekend.  We laughed that he didn't even KNOW what the record was and it was probably a good thing he didn't....because he just threw. We were all talking about just how many "Western" throwers are gonna be in Scotland next weekend too....

Shot for 20 on WOB the first day...hit the bar...but no go....second day...19'6"   Same deal.  Just could not close the deal...again....

I thought seriously about giving myself a rest week this week...I am tired, but then I remembered that I leave for Scotland on Sunday and will not be "training" before the games that will have to be my rest week.  I think all of the walking will do wonders for me...and hopefully my stress levels too.  The worst piece of my training right now is sleep...sigh.  Nightmares have returned and sleep had become elusive.  Once that falls off, my eating goes to Hell in a Handbasket too.

I wish I had made the time to write sooner...there were so many great things last weekend.  Went shopping with Shannon, Steph, and Beth...which was a hoot! I got to see Kerry & Paul.  Got to hang out with Matt and Pam at their place with their kids and some friends.  I had two people make me cry on the field.  Yeah...I'm such a classy athlete.

I am also struggling with body image again too....sigh...

I have some big things I have to work on after I get back from Scotland too...and I wanna just let them go until I get back.  But I can feel them nipping at me.

I am hoping to write a little more....write while I am traveling. 

I am nervous too...not just about flying, which I LOOOOOVE (said while rolling my eyes)....but I am feeling that old stuff again..that fear of disappointing all of the people that support me....the kids, the NM throwers, Grant, BJ, Chuck, Will, the list goes on and I have to remind myself....remind myself that I am still grateful that I can just freakin' move.  Grateful too, that so many people have made it possible for me to throw...and throw in Scotland for god sake.  I have said it before...just being on the field...that's a win in my book.

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