Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thumbs and shoulders and hips...oh my!

Dead lifts and drills and presses too....

Hit the gym last night...I was suspicious of the lifting that was on the pages of my notebook.

5x3 Presses
5x3 Deadlift

oh to grip a bar?  how to sub if I cannot lift....

So, what to do first? Avoid lifting of no I'm kidding, I warm up...rowing, Good mornings, Line Drill...."stone" drills with the med ball.

On to presses.

Warmed up with the bar...then 55, then 75

Now I know for all you beasties out there 75 on a strict press is beyond lame.  But I was sorta thrilled.  In Nov and Dec of last year I could barely get the empty bar up with the nastiness I had committed to my shoulder and well, I think my one rep max on a strict press is a whopping 115.  And that was about this time last year, when I was really strong, unlike now.

My shoulder feels fine this morning and I feel like the slow build was and will continue to be worth it.

So yea, 5X3 at 75...I'm happy with that.  I also learned something about how I my thumb? not part of the equation AT ALL.  The bar rests in that little fleshy part between the finger and thumb and I was able to just leave it sticking straight up in the air.


Ok deads...

135...225...275 were supposed to be my working sets...but at 225...the thumb.  Not sure. I don't need a firm grip at that weight, but I need a grip for christ sake. I load the bar to the working sets...but I know right away that this is not good....pain? sorta...tingling weirdness? yes.

Ok switch grip....Only got 2 in the second set...cause it moved from tingling weirdness to pain.

Maybe I should stop.

Fuck it.  I adjust my left hand again.  Lift.  Fourth set...I only get 2 again.  Someone comes over and tells me not to get frustrated.  Am I?  I guess, you know 275 isn't that freaking much weight...I wonder if I am suffering from SAS (Stubborn Athlete Syndrome)...but I finish the last set stronger than the first.  Or at least it felt that way...

Cleans tomorrow...highly doubtful I'll be able to deal with those!

When home, I decided I needed to clean the thumb again...well...I was scolded into cleaning the thumb again.  So I most of the caked on~nasty~black blood off...well, except for under the nail...gag.  Between the pressure of the Deadlifts and the pressure of the actual cleaning, it did start to bleed again.  Not terrible..the tip is kinda dead...I imagine I will have to file that down like the worst callous ever or shave it off or something at some point. I know I need to take the nail off, but I am afraid to use a clipper just yet for fear of the twisting pressure that might get created.  I wanna keep this wound closed!

SO...the thumb is feeling betterish...the shoulder is getting strongerish....

My neck and hip?  Well....I have some work to do on them both, but I noticed as I was doing throwing drills that the perpetual numbness in the hip...well...wasn't there.  I could actually feel the hips becoming engaged as I rotated.

I am calling that a win for now.

Best part of my night?...another win for challenging books for my kiddo....She threw her book (Flowers for Algernon) across the room again last night...she said, not as hard as she wanted to because it is a school book after all. When I asked her where this ranked on the "throwing scale,"  not as high as some others~she said hands down the worst...Of Mice and Men.

Yeah...I would have to agree...a completely throwable end for Lenny and George.

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