Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thanks. and prep.

Sarah Densmore
Alison Montoya
Will O'Connell
Joy Mills.

Thanks you guys...

These four folks were my final contributions to the Indiegogo campaign... AFTER I had made my goal.

I am a little late posting these thanks.

Really stunned by this process..this project...this trip that will be happening when I was absolutely sure I was not going to go.  

I know I am supposed to do a thank you video too....I will....I think ...but you know how I feel about videos.

I read a blog from my friend Grace a while back:

Post Therapy Blogging

but I am about to do what she did..."drunk" blog post therapy...

Simple question from the therapist...

"Does this serve you?"

Ok...can't really say much else about that right now....I thought though that I would post the list of games I am looking at this year...

Arnold Classic 
Feb 27-March 3

March 22-24

April 3-6

Rio Grande
May 17

Pikes Peak
June 20-22

July 3-6

Enumclaw  (If I get invited)
July 26-28

Highlands Ranch (?)
August 9-10

Pleasanton (Crazy close to Scotland~and I'd need an invite)
August 29-sept 1

Scotland Master's World Championship
Sept 7-17

Santa Fe (crazy close to Scotland too! but it's at home, but I might still be asleep)
Sept 20

Oct 5-6

Nov 1-2

OHHHHH and I got an invite to the Women's World Championship....crazy. It is part of the Phoenix games so I didn't have to add a game.  I'm a little old but I am thrilled to throw with these ladies.  My first two games this year sorta scare a good way.

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