Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 I have started following a couple of athletes on Instagram....and this week...2 of these women were shamed by trolls...well, attempted shaming...


Kortney Olson

What the shit.

Watching Samantha's video response though...I realized something.  I have said those things to myself.  Well not the steroid thing...although, I did have someone accuse me of that a few years ago.  That was a ridiculously painful period. I have thought to myself and I think said it BJ...I'm only strong because I am fat.

Oh boy oh boy....

Still self trolling...amazing since I was furious for Samantha....

We all get to be who we are....train as we, Zumba, marathons, weights, Crossfit.

As Crow used to tell me when I first started this journey.

Movement is beautiful.

Stop tearing each other down...stop tearing ourselves down...there are plenty of people out there ready to do that shit.

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