Monday, October 24, 2016



I am in week 5 of the power lifting program.  It is very very different than the Squat program I was on...of course..since that was just squats..duh...  :)

Monday- Dead
Tuesday- Bench
Wed  Rest (I use it to mobilize my fat ass)
Thurs  SQUAT
Friday- Accessory work  ( curls in the mirror and stuff like that)

It's good...but I am struggling to get all the reps and all the weight done.  I don't know that I'll get the results that are possible, since I am not so great all getting it all done. Time is a HUGE issue  and my mental state too.  That and um...Pause squats and Deficit deads.

Who came up with that crap??

Last week I missed Friday...ugh...but I threw on Sunday, so there is a trade off.

My shoulder is NOT happy after sheaf yesterday. 

Not sure what I am gonna do about this at this point. Funny, how ignoring shit doesn't actually make it go away.

Today was Deads again...

Damn deficit deads....But Gary helped with positioning. See, I have really long legs and I swear my ass is on the blocks for the deads.  Not comfy at all.  Gary gave me a few pointers.

Note to self:


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