Thursday, March 3, 2016

off site training

So, since I moved to the bustling town of Rio Rancho, I have been using a program called Train Heroic.  I really like the app...they are still rolling things out, tweaking, fixing bugs...but it is a way for BJ to write my programming and keep track of me.

This was especially helpful shortly after surgery during my super duper recovery workouts.

I have made no secret of the fact that I am not super fond of working out without my Praxis Crew.  I have been doing ok until recently.  I have dropped to 2-3 days.  So this week...there was nothing in my Train Heroic I just decided to go into Praxis on Monday...then Tuesday...nothing..Wednesday....nothing...back to Praxis.

I walk in and ask BJ."So what the heck, do you miss me or what?"

BJ: "yeah...."

Ok what am I doing today.....

And guess what Thursday....nothing in the I go again today.  I know he has started me on a 10 week squat I knew the main lifting thing....then he brings me a slip of paper with the rest.  When I leave, he asks if I will be there tomorrow...yeah...Ok...

I can go back to the other gym next week.

This has been a great week in the gym...I have worked harder than I have in a while...and I have been jumping again.  Yeah, I have been doing seated box jumps. Today I used a 24" box. Fat girl can still jump. My heart went up up up and came down...I worked...I did hammer drills...I lunged.

I don't know if BJ really did this, but today I had the distinct feeling that he didn't put stuff in the app to make me come in.......I don't think he would tell me directly...but BJ just threw me a rope.

Working out doesn't fix everything...but it does remind me that moving is better than not moving. That caring for myself isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

And 6 reps of 2 at 255.....feels good.

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