Tuesday, July 21, 2015



hmmm, in regard to what woman?

ok, well....let's stick with the working out thing here shall we?

I am up to 4 days of lifting a week....I am not really throwing at all yet. I am still having icky pain in my groin when I do. This past week I have also been having more pain in my chest.

Maybe I just miss my kids.

I'll try to throw Sunday....I missed the Portland Games and I will miss Enumclaw.  Juli set 2 world records and a bunch of personal bests in Portland!!  She is on fire and an inspiration.  Trains her butt off, always tweaking form...I really do admire her drive and skill.  It is a thing of beauty. I am gonna try not to get all maudlin next weekend during Enumclaw.....what a group of women throwing in the master's class.

JULl PETERSON* Wauwatosa, Wl   
KlM DENNlS, Kelowna, BC
RACHEL SMlTH, Mission Viejo, CA   

TlSHlA MALONE, Coupeville, WA


I have never met Tishia...but given the other ladies in the group....just...yeah....

As for me, I shall be working on  my post surgery one rep max for a dead lift this week.  This morning I hit 145 on my bench.  I know it is small, but it's big for me.  Bench just, ugh....I can't seem to figure out this simple move.  Oh well...

My first goal?

Not to call everything a "post surgery max."

Next goal...I want to try to find a little time to work with some of the lifters and with Rocky at the new temporary gym.....they have a core group that does a bunch of power lifting and it might help with my shitty bench.

Next goal....start to throw a little again, I think I may just need to push through the pain I am having...Get over the "uncomfortable" part of it. I submitted my app for Pleasanton....I hope I get to go even though I have had this set back....

hmmmm, another goal?  Keep working out.  The desire to stop, give in, give up has been strong as I have written about before. I keep going...I need to keep going.

OH Hell....big news.

My bike is getting repaired!


This weekend I get to text the theory that you never forget how to ride a bike....we shall see.

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