Monday, November 10, 2014

Well, There ya go.....

I was feeling pretty confident after Tucson...had a decent game, and amazing time...and well...sheaf.

Been settling into the idea of "Mona ..the athlete."

So... you wanna know the quickest way to make someone feel like they really have no business winning the games they trained for all year?


Monday I flew back from phoenix so I did not hit the gym....  here was the rest of the week.


1 Clean & Jerk every :45 x 10 @ 80%  95lbs  ( I was tired)
3 rounds for time
Agility ladder down and back
Handstand Walk down  (um no...30 handstand hold on the wall...could only do this 2 times)
5 Push Press @ 115/75
5 Front Squats @ 115/75

5:42  Not too bad...sorta...that's what I told myself.


4 min max double unders  (
1 min rest
3 min chest to bar pullups  ( ups with a band)
1 min rest
2 min back squats @ 165/115
1 min Shoulder to overhead @ 135/95  (these seemed STUPID heavy by this time)

357 reps.


Push Press 5×3   (got to 85% of my one rep  130...smoked)
5 rounds for time
7 Back Squats @ 50% of max  (170 these were ridiculously heavy~wanted to quit after the first round)
14 Pushups
21 Sit-ups

I thought I might die after this one.  It was so much harder than I thought...and It took me 15:08 to do it.  Most people did it in 9 or so.  Poor Will....


Max muscle ups in 2 minutes  ( Yeah..whatever...15 pull ups.  Well, not even pull ups.  With a band)
then for time:
3 rounds of:
6 Pullups  (really??)
6 Tall box jumps  (22")
followed immediately by
3 rounds of:
12 lateral hops over bar (fuck me)
3 deadlifts @ 275/175

By Thursday...I just hurt....and was filled with athletic shame.

Oh know...I am choosing this...and I am lucky...really lucky for my coaches....for the other folks at the gym.

I bitch and moan....but I know it's good for me to push myself this way and the hot truth is...I am pushing myself. Neither BJ or Will are forcing me to do this.  They may be there to encourage me but I am there doing the work (slowly and fatly).

And for god sake...I lost another friend last week.  He had named his cancer Baxter...and well, Baxter won the battle, but Rocky gave everyone a huge gift.  He wrote about it.  ALL of it seems....the battle with Baxter.  And while he was battling...he would also read this little blog and send me notes of encouragement as I battled pieces of darkness and for that I am very humbled and grateful.

So, as I start another week of not being able to move well, or fast, or gracefully...I will...move.  And I will hold you in my thoughts dear Rocky....and be grateful for all that I have in this finite time.